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DevOps Engineer

Business Analyst

Hardware Support Engineer


  • 2 years of DevOps experience in a variety of Linux (or Windows) production environments.
  • 2 years of experience with virtualization environments such as VMware in production environments.
  • 2 years of experience with Docker and Kubernetes or Swarm and cloud technologies.
  • Excellent knowledge of cross-platform scripting languages (bash, yaml…) and build tools (Python, ANT, Artifactory, Groovy, Maven, MS Build, Nexus, NuGet).
  • Good knowledge of Linux OS optimizations and TCP/IP network tuning.
  • Good knowledge of application management using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, GitLab.
  • Knowledge of at least one object-oriented programming language, such as Java or C#.
  • Knowledge of and experience with RESTFUL/SOA environments running tomcat, apache, NGINX, nodejs, asp and Python.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Event Driven Architecture are an advantage.
  • Experience with automated testing solutions for unit testing, integration testing and system testing.


  • Design, operate and maintain the most advanced platform for charging infrastructure management and control.
  • Automate the company infrastructure and processes.
  • Monitor the company’s infrastructure and resolve disruptions to operation.
  • Discover new, innovative practices in a segment that will transform society – e-mobility.


  • SQF level 5 or 6 degree in electrical or computer engineering or another technical discipline
  • 2 years of experience
  • computer literacy
  • technical acumen
  • knowledge of how charging stations operate
  • knowledge of how electric vehicles operate
  • in-depth knowledge of API concepts
  • LAN/WAN background
  • Basic knowledge of computer back-office systems
  • Basic knowledge of electrical installation components
  • Technical mindset with great attention to detail


  • Client training – remotely, at organised events or at company premises
  • Occasional work in the field (repairs, installation)
  • Writing and editing documentation for users
  • Writing and editing internal documentation (repair forms, installation forms, etc.)
  • Testing equipment and scenarios
  • In-house assistance and consulting for service, sales and production departments

SCRUM master

Senior Frontend Engineer, Team Lead

Senior Backend Engineer

Project Manager

Frontend Engineer

Backend Engineer


Production Planner

System Administrator


  • 4 years experience in production planning.
  • Category B driving license.
  • Active knowledge of English.
  • Secondary vocational education or higher education.
  • Experience in a similar post is desirable.
  • Good knowledge of MS Office programmes.
  • Accuracy, good communication skills,
  • good coordination skills, good organisational and analytical thinking skills.


  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly production plans.
  • Process orders received in terms of confirming delivery times according to machine capacity and material available.
  • Define needs regarding materials and semi-finished goods.
  • Submit orders for input materials to the purchasing department.
  • Create, monitor and close work orders.
  • Control the consumption of material and check the material ledger.
  • Control the level of safety stock.
  • Participate in setting production norms.
  • Plan production staffing together with the production manager.
  • Monitoring orders, dispatches and stocks.
  • Follow organisational, work and safety instructions.
  • Work with other departments in the company.
  • Prepare reports and analyses.
  • Compile and maintain the necessary records.
  • Carry out other short-term tasks, depending on the requirements of the business process.

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