For the bees with EVs.

For the bees with EVs.

You may wonder, what do bees and EVs have in common?

We all know that without bees, life on Earth would be much, much different to the one we know.

Bees and other pollinators are essential to our ecosystem as they pollinate plants and flowers, which is the key part of the successful fertilisation of the flower. With this process, humans and animals have access to diverse food choices – and, some, the possibility of life at all.

In the last few years, as we are continuously facing severe environmental challenges, the role of bees in our ecosystem has been highlighted on many occasions. Pollinators are facing habitat loss, the use of pesticides, and different diseases. A significant threat to bees and other pollinators is air pollution, which comes from various sources, but some of the main ones are vehicle emissions.

This is where EVs come in … and, more importantly, EV charging infrastructure!

EVs are only as clean as the energy that powers them. With EVs, efficient charging infrastructure and power systems, we can get closer to zero emissions, reducing air pollution and creating a healthier environment for the bees, other pollinators, and us.

By seizing the opportunity, we can play an important part in creating a healthier environment for all. Either with planting the seed bombs or by supporting e-mobility and green transition.