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Etrel Re-Charging Days 2022 gathers top minds in e-mobility to share knowledge, experience, and their views on hot topics for electric future.

Join us for the Etrel Re-Charging days 2022.

May 19 – 20.

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EV charging business is booming! There will be 130 million EVs driving around Europe in 2035, requiring around 65 million public, workplace, and home chargers.

While quantity is important, the quality of the service behind the charging infrastructure is even more so.

That’s why we invite everyone to join us for two days of enlightening panel discussions with rockstars from the world of EV charging, the automotive, and energy industries, and other influential voices in e-mobility.



Interactive Charging 101 – Load Management, Flexibility, & Demand Response

Due to mass EV charging infrastructure roll out, smart charging is a necessity and has to be deployed properly. However, the mass adoption is also associated with steady or even reduced total electricity demand, due to energy efficiency improvement.

Etrel Interactive Charging technology in Etrel INCH chargers balances the user’s charging needs, the vehicle demands, other chargers installed in the same location, building power supply limitations, local energy surplus and grid demand. A set of load management rules, combined with live data and preset thresholds, form the basis for an optimal charging schedule – charging vehicles when there is enough energy available without the risk of collapse of building’s internal network and with minimal load on the local grid.

Etrel OCEAN EV charge point & energy management software can communicate with the CPO’s charging infrastructure and with external actors such as grid operators or flexibility aggregators. Such software is a crucial solution to limit the need for additional peak capacity when renewable production is scarce and the demand is high, and to prevent grid overloads. It also helps limit or postpone grid reinforcement costs and introduces new opportunities of providing services to the power system.


Urša Jakoš, Etrel

Matevž Mencin, Etrel


Contactless Payment: New demand for Public Charging Locations

Research predicts more than 50% contactless point-of-sale transactions worldwide by 2025. In the UK, Spain, Germany, France and many European countries, contactless payment is already the preferred payment method, which reflects in the EV charging market. Following Germany, where all public chargers need to provide contactless payment options, European Commission published an AFIR proposal with similar demands, raising debate whether EV charging should be treated differently.

Contactless payment allows EV drivers to pay for charging sessions without the need to be registered in an app or have an RFID card. This underlines the aim for a simple user experience in the sector where different technologies converge to serve users of different backgrounds and digitalisation levels emphasizing:

  • •  Simplicity by the familiar process – paying for charging is just like paying for groceries or fuel,
  • •  Fast like as swipe & go,
  • •  No fuss when not in your domestic network – no need for a collection of apps or searching for a local service provider when in transit.

Charging stations with a payment terminal such as INCH Duo are suitable for any public place with a cost associated with charging. If you connect the charging station with a payment terminal to the OCEAN charge point management system (CPMS), you can share data and process payments for the whole charging location.

In addition, INCH Duo with a payment terminal and OCEAN CPMS are compliant with any charging station from other manufacturers so that you can connect them to your existing charging cluster.

Webinar host:

Lucija Đuderija, Etrel


Sara Fink, Porsche Slovenija


Fleet Electrification – Greener, Cheaper, Connected.

Electrifying the company fleet brings forth several benefits. From a sustainability perspective, the company or division contributes to achieving CO2 targets and potential net-zero goals, while from the operator’s perspective electric fleet reduces operational costs, which is even more evident in today’s challenging times of volatile goods and energy prices.

For achieving successful transition and positive acceptance among employees, companies must build from a trusted narrative. The move should be also seamlessly supported with accompanying infrastructure and services to eliminate potential doubts connected to range and usability, which are still common in relation to EV transition. With the possibility of integrations for intelligent management systems EV fleet can be just as successful as any other fleet while achieving a better user experience for drivers and contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Panel host:

Tao Krauspe, Repower


Alex de Man, Vandotec

Chris Kelly, CarCharger

Bo Huijsman, Lanova

Jonathan Parker, EcoGeek


Complex Charging Sites, a Rollercoaster for E-Mobility Stakeholders

Charging stations for EVs are increasingly moving from a selling point to a necessity. With a diversified EV fleet and different vehicle capacities, there are also different user journeys and energy requirements that need to be considered when planning charging locations.

To add to the list of unknowns, no two charging stations are the same: from outdated electrical installations to large loads on the grid (air conditioners, heat pumps) to community property sites, areas under conservatorship in old city centres or, or overnight street parking, challenges await at every stage of the project.

Success in this dynamic landscape is highly dependent on thorough planning and, when necessary, collaboration with construction companies, but also on reliable and future-proof charging solutions.

Panel host:

Rok Kobal, Etrel


Evandro Mendes, Electricus

Luka Strnad, Petrol

Alex de Man, Vandotec

Jonathan Parker, EcoGeek


The Art of System Scaling for Growing Your Market Share

Due to the mass adoption of EV charging, future-proofing your e-mobility business is of utmost importance. Scalable CPMS should offer customization and integration options to meet specific business and market needs. Scalable CMPS will help you beat the competition by empowering you with a unique solution that will enable you to merge your existing customer platforms and solutions and speed up the deployment of your EV charging network. 

Winning in the market today and tomorrow narrows down to:

  • •  Scalability from the system (from essential charge point management to enterprise-size management solutions)
  • •  Localization options (taxation, payment processing, and language specifics)
  • •  Modular built that allows customization of the interface
  • •  Brand customization options (white label app that increases customer intimacy)
  • •  Specific development options with the help of extensive API database

On the panel we will focus on the utilization of API databases that CPMS can offer as a powerful CPO system, CPOs can embed their existing EMP functionalities and maintain the same user experience across all their platforms. Deep integration, capabilities, and event-based automation allow CPOs to add EV charging into their existing business platforms, such as CRM, customer portals, billing, payment, or even customer analytics tools.

Panel host:

Jakob Kastelic, Etrel


Hrafn Leó Guðjónsson, OnPower

Peter Badik, GreenWay

Matic Markovič, Petrol

Thomas Newby, Egg


Energy Islands: E-Mobility Challenges and Opportunities in Closed-Loop Renewable Energy Systems 

Energy markets are experiencing a wave of rapid development due to digitalisation, integration of renewables and intensive technology development. The changing business landscape is opening doors for new business opportunities, models and a large group of new market actors – consumers with their growing EV fleet.

The growth of e-mobility with rising energy demands further contributes to the drive towards connected and manageable resources and proactive (rather than reactive) energy users at the heart of energy islands.

Driven out of necessity (geographical islands), sustainability projects acceleration (manufactured islands for energy production) or drive for energy independence (energy communities), energy islands are here to test, experiment and showcase the implementation of new technologies, management systems and community commitment towards a steady energy supply and greener tomorrow.

Panel host:

Gunnar Fuhrmann, Landis+Gyr


Dánial Jógvan Hansson, SEV

Tomi Medved, Compile

Norbert Baumann, Sonnen


From Independent Charging Clusters to the Cloud


Rok Poteko, Etrel

Rok Kralj, Etrel


User-Centric Approach for Long-Term Company Success

Despite many successes such as improving access to charging networks and promoting a common EU plug standard, we still have a long way to go to make charging available and user-friendly for everyone. There are still remaining obstacles to travel across borders, the availability of charging stations varies from region to region and country to country, payment systems are not harmonised, and information for users is insufficient.

Addressing the above challenges and enabling hassle-free EV charging anytime, anywhere through contactless payment options and an intuitive, user-facing app would certainly benefit the brand and impact business growth. Listening to users and focusing on the customer is a key competitive advantage as it increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while attracting new customers or users.

If a brand is the essence of what makes you tick as a business, your user touchpoints must intersect with practices that seek to understand and anticipate user wants and needs. User-centric approaches provide direct value to the business by attributing the value of each touchpoint back to the user.

Panel host:

Aaron Fishbone, GreenWay


Dušan LukićPorsche Slovenija

Karin Bossman, Etrel

Benjamin Priest, Meridian

Vedran Kotarski, Hrvatski Telekom


Etrel organises Etrel Re-Charging Days as a free, 100% digital event. Our goal is to inspire and motivate both hardworking pioneers and newcomers in the field to accelerate the mobility transformation.

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