Row house residents ready for electric future?



  • Charging patterns optimised for lowest cost
  • Independent and reliable charger operation
  • Uncompromised power supply for the households


A Nordic specialist in clean mobility and high-power EV charging, InterControl, has carried out an elegant installation of Etrel INCH charging cluster in a carport of a classic Scandinavian row house in the picturesque town of Espoo, Finland.

As the rapid adoption of EVs in the Finnish market continues to drive the lifestyle change of many Finns, home charging is becoming a necessity. It allows EV owners to recharge their EVs overnight, benefitting from lower energy tariffs while unwinding in the comfort of their homes. However, many residential buildings face the challenge of limited and/or shared power in the parking location.

Upon the consultation with InterControl, residents of the row house decided to tackle the challenge with Etrel charging equipment. 

Shared power and dynamic adjustment to local energy demand

Etrel INCH chargers coupled with Load Guard smart sensor dynamically adjust charging power based on local consumption to keep the total consumption below the installation max. With extended clustering capabilities, connected chargers further balance available capacity to ensure fair power distribution and the most efficient utilization.

Consumption monitoring and user management

Installed chargers provide a built-in web app for access control and user management, as well as consumption monitoring for costing purposes, which is done with the help of charging session exports. Users can select a preferred identification option (PIN code, RFID fob), and the monthly energy bill can be split based on individual consumption.

The residents can now conveniently charge their vehicles at home, enjoying the exquisite user experience and sleek design. Each charger offers an added benefit of user pattern-recognition, which helps predict charging behavior and adds leverage for cost-optimized charging, when tariffs are set in the charger’s web-app. The result is a seamless charging experience and minimal charging costs. 

Load guard - sheme-08-08

”Through seamless cooperation with the contractor partner, a high-quality Etrel charging system was delivered to the residents of the row house. A contractor partner from the Helsinki metropolitan area installed the chargers easily and quickly, and InterControl deployed the charging system ready for use to residents who have been satisfied with the result.”


InterControl is a Nordic specialist in cleaner traffic and High Power Charging. They offer high-quality and versatile EV chargers, from AC to High Power and fast charging. InterControl offers the complete Charging Solution, which includes everything you need for EV charging. Their product range also includes busbars for power distribution. InterControl operates in the Nordic region and Baltic countries.

  • Date : 2022
  • Categories : Case studies, INCH Home, INCH Pro, News
  • Client : Row house residents

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