INCH, the next-generation EV charging station was designed for use at homes, offices, and car parks. It reduces cost of smart charging infrastructure deployment and operation (including fees for charging) and brings the charging network to a new level, allowing each and every connected vehicle to adjust its consumption to the needs of the energy grid.

Market adoption of the INCH charging station is expected to be driven mostly by EV drivers who demand an interactive solution that can automatically charge their vehicle in the desired time without overloading the power supply network.

Users will be able to share control over their charging with power companies in exchange for financial compensation. This will give the power companies an option to control EV charging load, to reduce it in time of peak demand or use the batteries as a reservoir for electricity from renewable sources at times of high production.

After the end of the project the new INCH charging system was introduced on the market and immediately became a market success which substantially strengthened the reputation of Etrel as a developer of leading technological solutions in the field of electromobility.

  • Date : 2014 - 2017
  • Categories : R&D Projects

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