GreenWay: Integrating third-party systems with Etrel OCEAN



  •  Ensuring customer intimacy by providing client-specific development and API-based integration with client’s existing business platforms
  •  Integrating existing customer service applications with Etrel OCEAN EV charge point & energy management software.
  • Leveraging on Etrel OCEAN’s reliable charge point operator (CPO) functionalities.


Greenway is the leading charge point operator (CPO) & e-mobility service provider (EMP) in the Eastern Europe, offering a broad set of EV charging solutions and services based on Etrel OCEAN charge point management software and their integrated third-party systems. As Etrel’s long term & stable partner, GreenWay grew with Etrel OCEAN platform, however the daily management of different tools raised the need for consolidation and integration wherever possible.

Etrel OCEAN’s deep integration capabilities & event-based automation allowed GreenWay to tightly connect established CRM, customer portals, billing, payment, and invoicing service through their enterprise operating system with charge point network & roaming managed in Etrel OCEAN. Utilizing Etrel OCEAN’s extensive API database available as a powerful CPO system, they are able to embed their existing EMP functionalities and maintain the same user experience across all their platforms.

In the case of GreenWay, Etrel OCEAN is used for the following:

  • Asset monitoring and control,
  • Integration with extensive automated event-based & pull APIs, 
  • Roaming, and
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).


GreenWay is the leading full-service e-mobility company in Poland and Slovakia, with nearly 15.000 registered EV drivers. GreenWay is one of the pioneers of electric mobility in the CEE region, just recently celebrated 10 years of successfully eliminating the use of fossil fuels through the development of e-mobility. Etrel has been alongside them for more than half of their electric journey, supporting and providing them with EV charging stations and charge point management software.

  • Date : 2022
  • Categories : Case studies, Mobile app, Ocean software, Press
  • Client : GreenWay

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