Etrel successfully completes a demand-response pilot


Telekom Slovenije will offer dynamic load management, flexibility and demand response services using Etrel OCEAN Charge Point & Energy Management Software

Etrel and it’s partner Telekom Slovenije have reached another milestone on the path to a greener, carbon-free mobility. Etrel OCEAN EV charge point & energy management software will enable Telekom Slovenije to offer services in form of providing information on available load flexibility across the charging network and swiftly responding to  requirements for load adaptation coming from the grid operator. Such services will ensure a stable and uninterrupted electricity supply once the EV fleet grows, and also allow companies and individuals to benefit from their investment in grid-friendly charging infrastructure.


Telekom Slovenije tackles the problematic integration of new EV charging load into grid operation by supporting the real-time demand side management, provided by Etrel OCEAN EV charge point & energy management software. OCEAN’s load management capabilities allow for self-managed operation in the form of static or dynamic load management and integration with third-party systems.

The algorithms of OCEAN receive information about the network status via the OSCP protocol and manage the consumption of EV charging network by microlocation, allowing Telekom Slovenije as a charge point operator (CPO) to offer load flexibility as a service and profit from a grid-friendly charging infrastructure.

The EV driver’s specified departure time is considered to enable OCEAN to assess the load flexibility potential, where load management parameters can be configured at a charger, cluster, or load area level.

When deteriorated conditions in power grid operation, which might endanger the reliability of power system operation and security of supply occur, transmission system operator (TSO) or distribution system operator (DSO) requests remedial actions from their selected flexibility aggregators. The aggregators will in this case look for flexibility providers that can modify their load according to the DSOs or TSOs needs.

With Etrel OCEAN software, Telekom Slovenije will offer their partner aggregator remote control of the load of its EV charging network and therefore contribute to alleviation of problematic impact of EV charging on grid operation with support for real-time load management.

A large share of EV charging load can thus be shifted into the periods of lower demand , more favourable grid operation conditions or, by the same principle, into periods when there is abundant renewable energy available in the system (during peak hours, energy is usually fossil-based). Benefits would be obtained by the energy system as a whole, by CPOs, by EV drivers and by final electricity customers. Peak shaving reduces the need to invest in grid upgrades and increases utilization of renewable energy and consequently reduces CO2 emissions from energy production.



According to IEA, 2021, by 2030, EVs are projected to consume approximately 550 TWh in Europe (LDVs 70 %, two / three-wheelers 15 %, buses 13 % and trucks 4 %). In Europe, EV contribution to total final electricity consumption accounted for 0,2 % in 2019. By 3030, the percentage will increase from present values to 4 – 6 %, meaning that total electricity consumption of EVs will still be low and not imply significant challenges in the future for the power system in terms of energy consumption. Yet, if smart charging is not properly deployed, power issues could arise due to massive EV deployment. However, the mass EV charging infrastructure roll out is also associated with steady or even reduced total electricity demand, due to energy efficiency improvement. Adequate management software, such as Etrel OCEAN EV charge point & energy management software, that can communicate with the charge point operator’s (CPO’s) charging infrastructure and with external actors such as grid operators or flexibility aggregators is needed for such functionalities. Managing the charging process through a smart EV charge point & energy management software like OCEAN is a crucial solution to limit the need for additional peak capacity when renewable production is scarce and the demand is high, and to prevent grid overloads. It also helps limit or postpone grid reinforcement costs and introduces new opportunities of providing services to the power system.

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