Etrel Joins CEE GTI to Support the Acceleration of Green Transition in the Region


We have joined our regional e-mobility partners in the Central & Eastern Europe Green Transport Initiative (CEE GTI), working to accelerate the transition to zero-emission road transport and to support incentives for electric mobility evolution in the region.

Aleksander Rajch, Director of External Affairs at PSPA: “We are very excited to welcome Etrel to the central & Eastern European Green Transport Initiative. As one of the fast-growing global providers of EV charging hardware & software based in the CEE region, Etrel is a perfect example of the opportunity that e-mobility development brings to the region. We look forward to working together to help the e-mobility ecosystem in CEE catch the pace of Western Europe. “

We are always ready to support initiatives that, with their proactivity, intend to do the work outside the norm and aim more ambitiously towards a better future. The initiative fits with our values and the purpose Etrel exists in the first place, and we look forward to the contributions we will make to the transition to zero-emission mobility,” said Miha Levstek, CEO of Etrel.

Etrel x CEE GTI


The main goal of the CEE Green Transport Initiative is to promote the development of environmentally friendly means of transport in the CEE region with the active involvement of regional industry and associations, led by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) and the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA). The primary focus of the CEE GTI is to give the CEE region a voice at the European level and to raise awareness among key decision makers and other stakeholders about EU legislative projects and their impact, such as Fit for 55, REPower EU, etc.

To help CEE countries join the pace of other European countries that have already successfully transitioned into full-scale electrification of road transport and being mindful of the unique characteristics of the CEE countries, the CEE CTI founding associations have recognised the need for local stakeholders to work together, stating: “…we, as active players, contributors, and developers of the market in CEE, have the best awareness of the situation in our countries. We see high demand for cleaner air, cleaner energy and cleaner transport options which should lead to ambitious development and deployment of e-mobility solutions and zero-emissions transport in our region.”

In the recent years, electric vehicle market has experienced growth and will continue to do so, despite the overall decline of the international automotive industry. For the first time, European countries have overtaken China as the centre of the international electric vehicle market. As the e-mobility market in Europe continues to grow, the EV charging infrastructure must keep pace. Charging infrastructure is a cornerstone of e-mobility, however half of all the charging points for electric cars in the EU are concentrated in just two countries, the Netherlands and Germany, according to the recent ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) study. There is no doubt that, the European Union and other key players in e-mobility and beyond must work on making charging points geographically balanced and widely available.

If you want to join the fight for a green future, join CEE GTI and let’s make a difference together! CEE GTI – The CEE Green Transport Initiative  

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