Etrel INCH is a part of 1000 Solutions for a more sustainable future


For those who still believe that a choice must be made between sustainability and economic performance, climate policy is still a story of false promises and they resist adopting it. According to Harvard Business Review, a lot of company owners think that adopting sustainable practices is just a strategic necessity to ensure the survival of the company in the future. But some have proven that sustainable practices can be a form of strategic differentiation that leads to better financial performance. The Solar Impulse Foundation has identified 1,000 solutions that have been able to protect the environment in a financially profitable way. 

Five years ago, Bertrand Piccard completed his flight around the world in a solar-powered aircraft. This achievement demonstrated what clean technologies can do and the idea to create the Solar Impulse Foundation was born. Its vision is to accelerate the widespread adoption of clean technologies. Since then, the Foundation has identified, evaluated, and labeled technological and efficient solutions capable of protecting the environment in a financially viable manner, covering dozens of high-impact sectors and industries. 

We are proud to announce that Etrel has helped the Solar Impulse Foundation reach their goal to identify 1.000 solutions that address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth.  


Electric cars are not eco-friendly by themselves 


EVs can be a long-term solution to the challenges of climate change, air pollution and energy efficiency – as long as the energy that powers them comes from sustainable sources. Etrel’s INCH interactive charging stations use smart technology that maintains a balance between vehicle, building and grid. With its artificial intelligence that can learn and predict the habits of EV drivers, optimal charging schedules are created. In addition, the MyINCH web interface running on the charging stations allows users to add preferred tariffs, charging schedules, and set power limits to enable cost-effective charging.

Etrel INCH chargers enable charge point operators (CPOs) to serve a large number of EVs, even in locations with limited power supply. Smart clustering and power management features help reduce installation and operating costs.

Combined with the Etrel Load Guard sensor, installation overloads are prevented in real time as Etrel INCH automatically limits power based on other consumption at the supply point and based on grid connection point limits. Load Guard can also detect additional locally generated energy, such as renewable energy, being fed into the grid and increase the charging power.


Environmentally friendly EVs and charging can only be achieved if green sources are used to ensure efficient energy use for reduced emissions. Etrel INCH with its interactive charging and advanced power management solutions helps strike a balance between users, buildings and the grid to promote sustainable practices.

Circular economy – less waste and more value 


Providing e-mobility partners with chargers that have a minimal environmental impact was the core value in the design and development of Etrel INCH chargers. Starting with the selection of 99% recyclable components, to the introduction of interactive charging technologies that enables charging from green sources. According to European Commission, 80% of the environmental footprint of products is determined at the design stage. Therefore, the new European Green Deal increases the reusability, durability, and repairability of products by promoting a circular economy for a cleaner and more competitive Europe. To fully reap the environmental benefits of e-mobility, Etrel plans to become the front-runner in promoting the circular economy by offering full refurbishment of its Etrel INCH chargers.

Circular economy

Moreover, the 99% recyclable components and packaging, which comply with RoHS and REACH regulations, were selected from local suppliers to avoid transportation costs and environmental pollution. The aluminum housing was sourced almost entirely from recycled aluminum and can be fully replaced and recycled again. With its robustness that already ensures longer life spam, Etrel further developed its Refurbishment program that allows even longer usage and sustainability.

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