• Combination of payable and free charging services
  • Roaming possibilities
  • Managing multiple public and semi-private locations across the region


Hrvatski Telekom is the leading EV charging service provider in the Croatian market with an expanding charging network under the espoTs brand with always recognisable magenta signage.

Their charging locations vary from semi-public hotel and shopping centre parking spots to fully public areas in city centres and ports. The heavy influence of tourism and transit passengers raise the importance of convenient access for seasonal travellers as well as local commuters while ensuring the accessibility in highly frequented tourist spots is gaining in importance with a growing number of EV on the road.


Scalability and roaming possibilities were the most important aspects of choosing the charging management solution for Hrvatski Telekom.  OCEAN allows fast scaling of the network and service offering. From the back-office, one can easily manage a network of both AC and DC charging locations with both free and payable charging service. With the expanding network and several business opportunities, ocean custom interfaces allow the expansion of services and activation of additional revenue stream.

Both external and Intra OCEAN roaming options are available through a broad network of partners. Integrations with international roaming providers, such as GIREVE and HUBJECT, allows easy access to Hrvatski Telekom’s charging infrastructure for foreign tourists, allowing them to use familiar identification of their domestic charging network.

With espoTs a custom-branded mobile app, Hrvatski Telekom offers users the access to the whole scope of their charging services across Croatia as well as roaming access to partner networks, with the charging data always at their fingertips.


Hrvatski Telekom, a part of Deutsche Telekom, was one of the first e-mobility service providers in Croatia.

As the key partner in several EU funded Smart Cities and e-mobility Infrastructure projects, Hrvatski Telekom grew into the main force behind the e-mobility development in Croatia, expanding mobility services beyond the Croatian borders.

  • Date : 2016
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