Electrified fleet – reducing company’s carbon footprint



  • Reliable charging of the new EV fleet
  • Future-proof charging infrastructure with potential for expansion
  • Load balancing capabilities on-site or via back-office connection


Jafora Tabori is Israel’s second-largest producer and importer of soft beverages. With a strong emphasis on sustainability through all company processes, they have decided to address emissions from large company fleets. 

A new fleet of electric vehicles was a worthwhile investment in a more sustainable future, helping to comply with the emission permits granted under the Israel’s “Clean Air Law” which came into effect in January 2011 and which provides a framework for reducing and preventing air pollution by imposing obligations on the government, local authorities, and the industrial sector.

The new EV fleet has been equipped with 46 EV charging stations at six locations across the country. Installed INCH charge points will offer load balancing capabilities on-site, while connection to EV-Edge’s back office will allow remote control and monitoring of charging infrastructure. 

As the fleet will grow in the coming years, the installed EV charging infrastructure will support gradual expansion without extensive strain on the local grid. 


EV-Edge is part of the Union Group and owns the largest public charging network in Israel. Their focus is on offering advanced, high-quality intelligent charging solutions for all types of electric vehicles with a mission of positive contribution to a greener future. They are trusted by many private customers, fleet managers and local authorities. 

  • Date : 2022
  • Categories : Case studies, Fleets, INCH Pro, News
  • Client : Jafora Tabori

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