• Managing multiple locations with different charging equipment 
  • Offer a payable charging service to their users
  • Roam with other charging providers to maximise the utilisation of charging points


Under the EasyGo.ie CarCharger operates Ireland’s fastest-growing EV charging network, an independent network of over 400 public and commercial charging locations serving EV drivers across the country. Great selection of charging stations, including Etrel G6, Tritium Veefil and Delta with thoughtful fit-for-location, enabled EasyGo.ie to gain trust and recognition among the EV driver community.

With a recent GIREVE integration EasyGo.ie opens their charging infrastructure to subscribers of other major e-Mobility Service Providers such as Digital Charging Solutions, Porsche, New Motion or Plugsurfing, while at the same time offering their users an opportunity to seamlessly charge in other partnering networks with the same EasyGo.ie identification.


OCEAN charging management system automates monitoring and operation of the public charging network in a single touchpoint accessed from the web. The scope of service, set from the back office, is accessible on the spot in multiple languages via the OCEAN mobile app. 

Since OCEAN is hardware agnostic, it works with any charging station model, as long as it is OCPP compliant. This gives CarCharger.ie room for growth and new business opportunities.

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"We are delighted to partner with Etrel considering the exceptional product quality, stability and project support we receive with such nation-wide projects like with AN Post and other high profile project partners in Ireland including Aldi, Lidl, Public Authorities and Commercial workplaces."


CarCharger is the Irish EV charging specialist that provides supply and installation services for EV charging stations with partners like Aldi, An Post, Lidl, Supermacs, SuperValu, Tesco and motorway services.

  • Date : 2018
  • Categories : Case studies, G6, Mobile app, News, Ocean software
  • Client : EasyGo.ie

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