• Convenient and hassle-free charging of                                         different EVs.
  • Frequent use.
  • The utilisation of existing electric                                                 infrastructure. 


Caruna is the largest Finnish electricity distribution company, responsible for building and maintenance of 20% of Finland’s power grid. As a progressive utility, Caruna focuses on the integration of Smart Grid technologies, extending grid flexibility to accommodate a growing share of renewably sourced energy thus laying the foundation for a future-proof energy system.

In line with the growing EV trend around the globe, Caruna encourages e-mobility transition by providing their employees with ample EV charging infrastructure at their business premises. At Caruna offices in Espoo the company decided to convert the installed car-starter heaters (a common sight across the Nordic countries due to cold winters) into fleet charging facility for EV driving employees and company vehicles, 22 chargers in total. All chargers are integrated into the eParking back end system.

To utilise the existing infrastructure on location and optimise the investment cost for the client, Intercontrol developed a unique charger holder. The holder enabled the installation of 2 chargers on the already available poles.

Caruna decided to open their fleet charging facilities as a free public charging alternative outside their business hours for nearby residents to extend the infrastructure usability and promote electric mobility in the area.

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"In the Nordic region, the charger quality is of utmost importance, as we experience very demanding environmental conditions. Etrel delivers on their promise of durability while being very accessible when we need consultations for special projects."


For the project, Intercontrol chose a mix of INCH Pro chargers with cables and sockets to grant accessibility for older Type 1 EVs with the use of an appropriate charging adapter. Embedded MID meters ensure measuring accuracy for charging cost reimbursement.

INCH Pro chargers offer interactive charging option on the spot, where the user inserts the estimated departure time for the energy-efficient charging session.


Intercontrol is Finnish e-mobility expert, specialising in smart EV charging systems for business fleet charging as well as EV charging project consulting.

  • Date : 2019
  • Categories : Case studies, Fleets, INCH Home, INCH Pro, News
  • Client : Caruna

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