15. PIES 2023: Business Intelligence in the Digital Transformation with Etrel


20. and 21. of April, Etrel will be participating in the 15th PIES 2023, an IT conference specialized for the energy sector, in Grand Hotel Portorož, Slovenia. We will be presenting as well as hosting a hackathon challenge.  


With rich interdisciplinary knowledge strengthened by experiences from the field, we are excited to participate in the 15th PIES 2023 in Portorož to share our insights and present opportunities to others interested in making contributions to a greener world, as well as to learn from them.  

The conference will focus on data management in digital transformation to connect key players in the field of informatics in the energy sector, present innovations and trends in information technologies for energy businesses and promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, and good practices among participants.  

Since our beginnings, Etrel’s development has been driven by a passion for innovation and a vision of sustainable mobility. We firmly believe in creativity, innovation and continuous investments in education and skills training (mentorship) which keeps us ready to tackle any challenge of the dynamic e-mobility world and stay ahead of the curve.  


Our colleagues Nina Mekinda, Financial Analyst and Simon Jamšek, Key Account Manager, will share their knowledge and experience in E-Mobility: Data Mining for Optimised Energy Consumption presentation. E-mobility service providers are at the interface between electricity distributors and EV drivers and, through their role, are ideally placed to guide user habits. The data they hold is key to understanding charging infrastructure utilization and user dynamics.


In addition to the presentation, we will host a hackathon challenge for students focused on the planning of public charging infrastructure. The challenge was designed in cooperation with Google, using BigQuery and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Today’s public charging infrastructure is challenging due to low utilization rates and high grid connection costs, but by 2030 utilization rates of public chargers are expected to increase in all markets, significantly improving the business case for charging point operators (CPO). For the CPO to be ready to address upcoming challenges, he needs to understand: 

  1. How will the advancement of the bigger EV battery capacity impact the consumed energy and charging time spent on location?
  2. Understand how to categorize different location types, so he can optimize the business model and offer accordingly.

The applications for the hackathon are live! Take the opportunity to connect with our colleagues and other experts from Google to hack the solutions for widespread deployment of EV charging.  

We look forward to attending the conference and contributing to the conversation around data management in the e-mobility industry.  

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