Etrel G6 EV charging station

Basic building block
of your interactive
charging network

Designed for reliable operation on any
location. Unlock its full potential with
automatic connection to your cloud.

Optimise public charging infrastructure

Modular architecture
for easy upgrades

With a multilingual LCD display that guides EV users through the
charging process, easy-to-use RFID card reader, built-in smart
energy meters for each socket, GPRS communication device, and
all standard safety equipment included, the station comprises
all the basic hardware needed for future-proof support of controlled
EV charging. Remote firmware updates ensure ongoing
compatibility with all vehicles on the market.


A proven

Experience from years of operation on the field embodied in the
sixth generation of Etrel chargers can be seen in the details.
The G6 chargers can be set to match the connection power on its
location and are able to split the charging power between two
vehicles if necessary. They work even in the event of temporary
loss of communication. In case of power outage, any locked
charging cable can be easily retrieved.


Unobtrusive, yet distinct
street furniture

The G6 charger is made of robust stainless steel and can
withstand all weather conditions and continuous use. It is
designed to be unobtrusive in public parking locations while
preserving its distinct shape to be easily spotted. You can
add your own elements to make sure your network will be
recognised by this commonplace urban equipment of the future.


Optimised to reduce
installation and
maintenance cost

Compact dimensions allow installation close to the edge of the
parking area. Several stations on the same location can be joined
in a cluster where only one needs to perform as the
communication interface to the control system. No screws or
wires are visible or accessible without opening the locked
enclosure with a special single-point locking mechanism.


Etrel complete ecosystem

and play

If you want a truly complete solution, Etrel
chargers offer Plug&Play connection to your
Ocean cloud management system. This gives
you a unique possibility to start your
business as soon as your chargers are
installed and without further efforts and
costs. Charging stations from Etrel can also
be connected to other control systems using
OCPP communication protocols.

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