Etrel G5 EV charging station

Powerful elegance

The one wallbox fully configurable for
professional or home use, offering easy
control over your charging and your data.

Home use

Get more power from
your home connection

Don't let other home appliances limit your maximum charging power.
Charge your electric vehicle quickly in the comfort of your home.
With Etrel G5, you can automatically adjust charging power to
available capacity.


Online interface that
puts you in charge

The web user interface of the charger allows you to remotely
control your charging, manage charging power, and get reports of
your past use - all you need is an ordinary web browser.


Lower charging costs
with power management

Set a charging schedule to charge more when the energy is
cheaper. You can also limit maximum charging power based on
your connection capacity to avoid any overloads.


One-touch control

Etrel G5 operates in two modes, which you can select by tapping
the touch icons on the charger. They offer a choice between fast
charging with highest power or charging with your own schedule.


Timeless design

The charger is made of high-quality materials, combining brushed
aluminium frame with a glossy polycarbonate front panel. The wallbox
can be fitted with a socket or a tethered charging cable and plug
holder to make everyday charging even easier.


Upgrade your garage or
driveway with style

Charger can be installed inside or outside, on a wall or a
special installation pole. Despite being among the most compact
on the market, it packs all necessary equipment for safe
charging. The charging cable can be neatly folded on the plug
holder to keep it in place and readily available.


Public use

Equipped for shared
or public use

Each Etrel G5 charger already includes a smart energy meter and
an RFID module fo user authorization ( which can be turned on or
off by operator). This makes it easy to limit the access to the
charger and record each charging session performed, which
serves as the basis to distribute the cost among several users, for
example in office or apartment car parks.


Offer fast
AC charging

Etrel G5 wallbox is compliant with all standard electric cars and
allows charging with up to 22 kW - around seven times faster
than a household socket.


Easy to maintain

The charger can recommence charging automatically after a
power loss. If maintenance is required, the relavant elements are
accessible only to service personnel behind locked service doors.
Remote firmware updates ensure ongoing compatibility with all
vehicles on the market.


Networked operation

Connection with a charging operator's backend opens up new
possibilities of remote control of the charging process and
supports business cases based on management of EV charging
loads, either on one or on a cluster of connected wallboxes.
Etrel's optimisation algorithms take into account limits of the
installation and vehicles, EV user's requested energy, and
asymmetry of the overall load.


Etrel complete ecosystem

and play

If you want a truly complete solution, Etrel
chargers offer Plug&Play connection to your
Ocean cloud management system. This gives you
a unique possibility to start your business
as soon as your chargers are installed and
without further efforts and costs. Charging
stations from Etrel can also be connected to
other control systems using OCPP
communication protocols.