Whether you are trying to win over customers, accommodate visitors, help your employees, or manage infrastructure for your residents, the increasing numbers of people driving electric will be counting on you to provide them with easy-to-use, affordable EV charging options.

Majority of charging takes places on semi-public locations where cars are parked for a longer period of time.

A couple charging their Electric Vehicle
Etrel G6 stations positioned on a parking lot

Install More Chargers on Your Location

Whether in private or public parking garages and lots, you can count on Etrel interactive chargers to be the only charging equipment you will need as charging becomes ever more common.

Etrel Inch in front of a hotel

Attract Visitors with Electric Vehicles

Destinations offering charging are the winners of the modern customers’ hearts.


Provide Shared Charging on Multi-Dwelling Properties

Charging in urban areas is one of the main challenges facing successful adoption of e-mobility. With the right approach, both urban dwellers and landlords can benefit from EV charging.