for a lasting

We build scalable
and interactive
charging ecosystems

We develop products as
tools for emerging
business models

We understand
grid issues


Etrel charging
stations. Basic
building blocks
of your network.

We produce top-quality AC charging
stations for charging of one or two
vehicles, suitable for business and
personal use. They are designed as a
part of larger networks with
connectivity to control systems and the
power grid. A special emphasis is placed
on aesthetically pleasing and highly
practical design which simplifies
installation, maintenance, and use.
Optimise your costs, reduce emissions,
and enjoy other benefits when you provide
EV charging as a part of your business.


Enter the growing
business of electric
vehicle charging.

Etrel Ocean has everything you need as the
most demanding charging infrastructure
owner or e-mobility service provider. It is
available for purchase as a licence or as a
hosted cloud application. Etrel can also help
you integrate it with your current ICT
system. Connect your operators with
charging stations and your end users with
international charging networks by using
our one-stop solution for everything from
maintenance on the field to billing of
charging services.



Electric cars on a journey
from a grid problem to a
grid solution

Our vision is to produce solutions for electric vehicle charging that enable a
perfect user experience and support the electrical power grid at the same time.

This way we can facilitate use of sustainable energy and reduce harmful
air pollution caused by emissions from personal transport.

Company profile

100% charging company

Since our founding in 2007 we are passionately
developing solutions for charging of electric
vehicles. Our view on charging is holistic; wider
understanding of it comes especially from the
perspective of an environmentally aware power
engineer. We don’t just talk about smart grids - we
actually put them in operation.

With support of our strong R&D team, we have
evolved on the market into a fast-growing
manufacturing company and a global trendsetter
for EV charging solutions.

A major part of Etrel's activities is oriented towards
the development of integrated electric vehicle
charging solutions, which comprise hardware
products for private, public, and commercial use,
charging infrastructure management software,
and front-end software for interaction between
end users, their service providers, and the
charging infrastructure.

Core team

Miha Levstek


Borut Mehle


Rok Kralj

Head of sales

Andreja Žitnik

Head of SW development

Jure Ratej

Head of research

Borut Zaletel

Head of HW development

Uroš Mehle

Head of production

Matic Vihtelič

Head of design

We are
looking for

Research &

Etrel's R&D department is one of the European
reference teams of experts for electric vehicle
charging. It is or has been involved in 7 major
consortium-type research projects dealing with
electromobility implementation plans, smart
charging, integration of charging into intermodal
transportation, roaming, and standardisation of
lab testing procedures for electromobility
processes and equipment. The latest project
carried out solely by Etrel within the SME
Instrument programme is currently addressing
the development of a new generation of interactive
charging stations.

With extensive expertise in power sector and
electromobility, Etrel team can advise clients
with deployment of infrastructure as well as
definition and implementation of new business

Etrel staff is involved in several electromobility
initiatives and organisations, including: AVERE,
Orgalime, EEMCG, TC69, Smartgrid Platform,
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia,
JETNET, and others.